Discover the reward at the end of the journey with Romantic's Quest, the latest Video Game Romantics collaboration between Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy, and Wattam (work in progress) creator Keita Takahashi and Venus Patrol

This third shirt in the series, following Videogame Romantics and Legend of Romantics, Romantic's Quest is loosely inspired by a certain Miyazaki manga and is available in two colors, described by Keita below:

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS (CHARCOAL): "'Life is the light that shines in the darkness.' I remember that line from Nausicaä every time I get stuck in my life..."

EMERALD (TEAL): "...and I imagine the light that shines in the darkness might look like an emerald."

Each shirt comes with a bonus 1.25" button, about which Keita adds: "I guess the treasure was food or a sexy book." 

Charcoal (50/50 Blend)
Unisex XS-2X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-2X District Made DM108L
Unisex 3X-4X Port & Company 55
Teal (100% Cotton)
Unisex XS-2X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-2X District Made DM104L
Unisex 3X-4X Port & Company 61

This shirt features our new favorite women's garments, from District Made—they use women's sizes, not junior's, so if you're used to American Apparel check out their sizing chart (US) (metric) for more information.

This design was screen-printed here in Tucson by our partners at Forward Printing, who worked closely with our artists to dial in the perfect ink colors, size, and placement to ensure a vibrant, long-lasting print.