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ESRB Rating

Strong Language


Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate... and perhaps the fate of others as well.

This OMORI special collector's edition is packed in a sturdy display box. It includes:

  • piano music box that plays "Duet."
  • A sheet music booklet that wraps violin and piano arrangements for "Duet" up in original illustrations by OMOCAT.
  • An envelope, fastened with a button and string and filled with keepsakes and mementos from Faraway Town.

All physical copies of OMORI include one of two snapshot stickers and a printed instruction manual.

OMORI is ported by MP2 Games.

There will be a Japanese version of the collector's edition (Nintendo Switch™ version only) available at a later date!
『OMORI』コレクターズエディションの日本語版は後日FangamerJPで取扱い予定です!※Nintendo Switchのみ

Collector's Edition Exclusives

All Editions Include

Fangamer OMOCAT, LLC.

OMOCAT, LLC: Creative direction, Collector's box artwork, Sheet music booklet illustration, Mari’s Drawing, Game cover artwork, Instruction booklet artwork, Bonus sticker

Audrey Waner: Creative direction, Production management, Piano music box design, Sheet music booklet layout, Pinwheel artwork, Bottle cap magnet, Hobbeez receipt, Othermart loyalty card, Recital ticket, Game cover layout, Instruction booklet layout

Nina Matsumoto: Sheet music booklet illustration, Ephemera envelope, Pinwheel instructions, Kel’s comic

Jorge Velez: Capt. Spaceboy cutout

Alexandro Arvizu: License coordination
Brian Jaworski: Production management
Chris Warriner: Publishing producer
Pedro Silva: Original music composition
Dylan Browne: Sheet music arrangement, music box arrangement
Nathan Cranford: Sheet music arrangement, project management
Yesica Furrow: Launch management
Cat Lopez: Launch support
Derek Carmody: Design support
Dan Moore: Editing, page copy
Heidi Mandelin: Photography
Brittney Olsen: Photography, video
Sara Luu: Photography, video
Everdraed: Video
Steven Campos: Video
Ryan Alyea: Director of Publishing

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