Videogame legend Hip Tanaka's long-awaited debut album is finally available on vinyl! His illustrious career has taken him from games like EarthBound and Super Mario Land to TV and feature films, but this collection of 13 tracks from his own personal label, available here on clear vinyl, represents a new creative pinnacle.

It's the fruit of two decades of Tanaka channeling his singular inner whimsy and his love for reggae, dub, and techno to bridge the gap between game music and dance music. Says Tanaka, whose live shows have taken him across Japan and abroad: “If my music can be divided into ʻfor adultsʼ and ʻfor kids,ʼ then this is the culmination of my harder side, the kind of game music you hear in EarthBoundʼs battle tracks.”

All copies from this first pressing of 500 will include a bonus 7-inch record with two additional tracks. Each Django vinyl purchase also includes an instant digital download of the complete album in your choice of MP3, WAV, or FLAC.

And stay tuned—the second Chip Tanaka album, Domingo, will arrive on vinyl later this winter. 

Preview this album on Bandcamp (external link).


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