The epicenter of the live chip music scene, the Blip Festival has been pumping sine waves into the streets of New York City every year since 2006, and 2 Player Productions has been there to document the sights, sounds, and personalities. With some help from 8bitpeoples and The Tank, they've captured 2006-2008 in convenient disc format:

  • Blip Festival 2006 Videos (DVD)
    • 32 live performances
    • Commemorative posterArtist profiles
    • Still photo collections 
  • Blip Festival 2007 Videos (2-Disc DVD Set)
    • 32 live performances (widescreen)
    • Bonus / multi-angle videos
    • Pulsewave videos, fliers, and ROMs
    • Photo galleries
  • Blip Festival 2008: 32 Live Recordings (2-Disc CD Set)
    • 18-page booklet and case by minusbaby
    • Pro recording, mixing, & mastering
    • 32 live performances (artist/track listing)

Artists featured in the Blip Bundle include:


Reformat the Planet (RTP) is a feature length documentary which delves into the chip music movement. More details on the RTP product page.