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Azure Striker Gunvolt Original Soundtrack

by Inti Creates


Product Description

The official soundtrack for Inti Creates' action throwback, Azure Striker Gunvolt! Available on CD in a shrink-wrapped cardboard digipak, this OST contains 42 tracks produced by Inti Creates' Ippo Yamada. 

  1. The Long Night Commences
  2. Lightning Unleashed
  3. Sprinting Through the Darkness
  4. The Tide Begins to Turn
  5. Mission Complete
  6. Review the Mission
  7. Joule's Wish
  8. Formulate the Battle Plan
  9. The Awaiting Abyss
  10. Monolithic Pride
  11. Raging Inferno
  12. Unsuppressed Greed
  13. Envious Necromancer
  14. The Garden of the Hungry Swarm
  15. Swirling Artifice
  16. Impending Conflict
  17. Sumeragi Skirmish
  18. Vanquished the Enemy
  19. The Bewitching City
  20. The Avenger
  21. Committed to Annihilation 
  22. Perilous Pursuit
  23. Lightning Pierces Through
  24. As the Earth Fades Away
  25. Orbital Fortress
  26. The Grand Overseer
  27. Phosphorescent Hysteria
  28. The Rise to POer
  29. Final Damnation
  30. Struck by Tragedy
  31. One with the Electronic Waves
  32. Lightning Crashes
  33. The Approaching Dawn
  34. Vocal Track Medley (34-41)
  35. Sakurazaki Motors Commercial Jingle