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THE GREATEST LIVING SHOW,” a new song by Toby Fox and Itoki Hana, has a beautiful new video—and that beautiful new video has its own even newer art book, available now for preorder.

It’s a 172-page showcase for the art and animation of BANI, who worked for two years to create every facet of the video, and it’s filled with illustrations, concept art, creator commentary, and more.

Here’s a word from Toby himself:

Over two long years, BANI created this entire music video from beginning to end, all by herself. Every frame, every pose, every camera angle, every character design, the effects, the processing, everything, was painstakingly done by her own hand.

She worked chronologically from beginning to end. As its development went on, her abilities and standards raised higher and higher... ultimately compressing two years of hard work and improvement into a four-minute running time. You may notice this as you watch the video!

Personally, I wanted an art book of the art from the video, so I'm making Fangamer make one. If other people want one, you can probably buy one too. But, it's mostly for me.