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Grumpus fans take heart: Today's Bugsnax launch is finally focused on your fine furred friends. Our new Filbo Fiddlepie plush comes complete with a mayoral sash and a bug net, and our headgear should be familiar to any old acquaintances of Gramble Gigglefunny or Chandlo Funkbun—the Strabby beanie and Snax snapback hat are available now.

New UNDERTALE Nendoroid available for preorder at

A new UNDERTALE Nendoroid is coming! Starting today you can preorder The Human, which comes complete with interchangeable accessories like Flowey and a SOUL. (Plus a critically important accessory that allows it to hold hands with their upcoming Toriel figure.)

Ralsei is also available for preorder, and Nendoroid Sans and Papyrus are shipping now!