The physical release of Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle's soundtrack to The Last of Us Part II is finally available through Mondo, in partnership with Sony Masterworks.

This double-album vinyl release, pressed on 180g black vinyl, features stunning new artwork by Tula Lotay and liner notes by cowriter/director Neil Druckmann. 

Side A Side C
1. The Last of Us Part II 15. The Obsession
2. Unbound 16. Soft Descent
3. Longing 17. The WLF
4. Eye for an Eye 18. A Wolf’s Ghost
5. It Can’t Last 19. Masks On
6. The Cycle of Violence 20. It Can’t Last (Home)
7. Reclaimed Memories 21. Inextinguishable Flames
Side B Side D
8. Cordyceps 22. Allowed to Be Happy
9. Longing (Redemptions) 23. Collateral
10. Restless Spirits 24. The Cycle Continues
11. Chasing a Rumor 26. All Gone (The Promise)
12. They’re Still Out There 26. Grieving
13. Unbroken 27. The Island
14. The Rattlers 28. Beyond Desolation
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