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The Last Of Us Part II Vinyl Soundtrack


Product Description

The physical release of Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle's soundtrack to The Last of Us Part II is finally available through Mondo, in partnership with Sony Masterworks.

This double-album vinyl release, pressed on 180g black vinyl, features stunning new artwork by Tula Lotay and liner notes by cowriter/director Neil Druckmann. 

Side A Side C
1. The Last of Us Part II 15. The Obsession
2. Unbound 16. Soft Descent
3. Longing 17. The WLF
4. Eye for an Eye 18. A Wolf’s Ghost
5. It Can’t Last 19. Masks On
6. The Cycle of Violence 20. It Can’t Last (Home)
7. Reclaimed Memories 21. Inextinguishable Flames
Side B Side D
8. Cordyceps 22. Allowed to Be Happy
9. Longing (Redemptions) 23. Collateral
10. Restless Spirits 24. The Cycle Continues
11. Chasing a Rumor 26. All Gone (The Promise)
12. They’re Still Out There 26. Grieving
13. Unbroken 27. The Island
14. The Rattlers 28. Beyond Desolation
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