by Jeremy Parish



Nintendo launched its Family Computer console — Famicom —in its home country of Japan in July of 1983. In October 1985, after two years of false starts and failed gambits, they finally brought the system to the U.S. as the Nintendo Entertainment System. It became a monster hit... but that success was never guaranteed. 

NES Works Vol. 1: 1985 explores the console's difficult journey to America, where it had to overcome disinterested retailers and a crashing industry through a grassroots marketing campaign. But Nintendo was armed with some great games, not to mention a charming robot companion, and this book explores them all — and more. 

The retrospectives in this volume contain relevant historic, cultural, and technical details for each individual game. Additionally, every game is presented with high-resolution photography of its original packaging, along with screen shots captured from actual NES hardware, as well as detailed supplemental information. Finally, the Famicom 1983 supplement contrasts the NES's first wave of games with its Japanese launch lineup. It's the first volume of the most comprehensive Nintendo retrospective ever!


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