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Mega Man Legends Vinyl Soundtrack


Product Description

This product cannot ship to South America or Asia.

Get out your Buster Gun and lock target on the nearest Reaverbot—the Mega Man Legends soundtrack is now available on vinyl from Ship to Shore PhonoCo!

This 2LP collection features liner notes from Jeremy Parish and brand-new art from mushbuh. The Servbot-inspired translucent vinyl is a Fangamer exclusive!

© Capcom

Side A Side C
1. The Last Door 21. Locked Up Balcon Gerät
2. Trap of Deflector 22. The Sub-Gate of Jyuin Lake
3. Escape from the Tower 23. Garudoriten!
4. Hanmuru Doll Appears! 24. Flutter
5. To Kattelox Island 25. The Sub-Gate of Clozer Woods
6. Apple Market 26. Karumuna Bash!
7. Concerto of Harpsichord in D Minor (CD From Shop) 27. Flutter vs. Gesellschaft
8. Feeling of Love? 28. Gesellschaft!
9. Chase Brummbär!
Side B Side D
10. We are the 3 Bonne Brothers 29. Foke-Wulf!
11. Ferdinand! 30. The Main Gate
12. Schmetterling of Bon Bonne 31. Theodore Bruno!
13. Teisel Bonne of the Gesellschaft 32. Reform
14. Maulwurf! 33. Present (By F Chopin)
15. Sad Teisel Bonne 34. At a Place Nobody Knows
16. Reflection Room 35. Original Hito Unit Residence
17. The Sub-Gate of Cardon Forest 36. Guynie Toren!
18. Lakeside Town 37. Juno - Last Battle Physique (By JS Bach)
19. The Bonne Family Burning with Vengeance 38. See You Again
20. Balcon Gerät!