Hypnospace Enforcer Badge

Hypnospace Enforcer Badge

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Mild Violence
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Crude Humor


Hypnospace Outlaw for Nintendo Switch™ is now available in a physical edition from Fangamer! Each copy includes a bonus mini-CD and beautiful reversible cover art from Jordan Speer.

The year is 1999.

Sleeptime technology has made it possible to surf the internet while you sleep. Hypnospace is the first and most popular Sleeptime service, and they've accepted your application to serve as an Enforcer. The uncertainties of the encroaching millenium have consumed the citizens of Hypnospace. Will you use your new post to help them, or slam them with petty violations to amass a Hypnocoin fortune?

ENFORCE: Track down content in violation of Hypnospace law and solve mysteries by exploring a massive, detailed, fictional internet.

CUSTOMIZE: Spend Hypnocoin on weird software, desktop themes, stickers, games, music, screensavers, virtual pets, and more.

SURVIVE: Deal with viruses, adware, hackers, secret pages, and all manner of unsavory, strange, or esoteric internet shenanigans.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Observe your impact on the lives of the Hypnospace citizens under your watch as the year 2000 draws nearer.

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