by Jeremy Parish



This second volume of Game Boy Works picks up where the first left off: At the beginning of July 1990. Volume II of this comprehensive retrospective series covers 50 classic (and not-so-classic) games across months of video game history, all in chronological order of their original release date across all regions. 

From The Amazing Spider-Man to Pac-Man, from Balloon Kid to Fish Dude, Volume II covers all the men, kids, dudes, women, robots, and mysterious blobs that appeared on Nintendo's classic handheld in America, Japan, and Europe in greater detail than you ever realized you could possibly need. 

Based on Jeremy Parish's Game Boy Works YouTube series, this book documents the Game Boy's life in exhaustive detail with all-new packaging photography, hundreds of screenshots, and freshly written supplemental material—including insider info on the 4-Player Adapter peripheral and an all-new interview with former Nintendo composer Hirokazu Tanaka.