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Every Day is Play

by Gamepaused


Product Description

A snapshot of video game culture past and present, Every Day is Play is the first self-published book project from Game Paused. Capturing a whole generation's imagination through a series of interviews, features and fan-art, it promises a wealth of creative play—bringing every gamer together in a true celebration of the game.

  • Hard Back Cover
  • 8.5" x 10" (210 x 250mm)
  • 300+ Full-Color Litho Pages
  • Multiple Paper Stocks
  • Foil-stamped / debossed Cover
  • Foreword by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari)

Covering a varied range of topics from both inside and outside the gaming industry, the book houses over 30 key features and interviews, and over 1000 images from artists around the world, including:

4 color rebellion, 72 Pins, 8bitmatt, Adam Saltsman, Analogue Interactive, Attract Mode, Benny Lee, Büro Destruct, Cory Schmitz, Disasterpeace, Drew Wise, eBoy, Edge Magazine, Fangamer, Game Paused Jr., Golden, Greg Wohlwend, Jamie 'JME' Adenuga, Martijn Koch, Metanet Software, METEOR, Nintendo Papercraft, Pixeljam, Read-Only Memory, Shaun Inman, Sparpweed, Studio Output, Territory Studio, The Designers Republic™, The King of Games, Twitch, ustwogames, WesterosCraft, Wil Overton