The yo-yo. Originally invented in the Philippines as a deadly weapon, the yo-yo was extremely effective in those frequent moments when one's prey was standing still, directly beneath you. But as the years went by, the yo-yo lost its edge and slipped into a long period of complete harmlessness. Shamefully enough, it was even considered--for a short period in the 50s--to be a children's toy! 

But now, the yo-yo weapon is back, and it's hungry for blood! The Official Double Fine 2-Headed Baby Yo-Yo recaptures all the killing power of the past, with a nod to the styles of the future. Our 2HB Yo-Yo is so dangerous, they made us put a GLOWING LIGHT inside just so that people would see it coming! 

Look! Behind you! It's a spinning 2HB! Duck! Oh, never mind. You're dead! (Unless you buy this item.)