Another 12 tracks from the musicians behind the Determination double album, now available on CD. 

We each picked five song the other covered, and put our unique spin on them. We each dipped our brushes in the other's palettes, to create: The Purple Side. The combination of Red and Blue, The Purple Side sees both Ace Waters and RichaadEB stretching themselves creatively, tapping into new and unique sonic territory. 

We both hope you enjoy this return trip to the world of UNDERTALE. If anything, we felt this final side, an addendum to Determination, would serve as a nice end to our journey through Toby Fox's brilliant work.

  1. When the World Was Full of Wonders 
  2. Sios (ft. Ryan Lafford)
  3. Primer (ft. The8BitDrummer)
  4. Augury (ft. FamilyJules)
  5. Eidola (ft. Jackson Parodi)
  6. Superlative 
  7. A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours The Underground
  8. What Have I Done?
  9. Ossein (ft. Steven Morris)
  10. That Thou Art Mindful of Him (ft. RocktheJake and ToxicxEternity)
  11. Regret
  12. The Some of One's Parts (ft. Family Jules, Soundole VGM, Ryan Lafford, and Kyle Von Lanken)

Music by RichaadEB (2-6) and Amie Waters (8-12). Track 1 by Involved in the Troubles; Track 7 by Amie Waters and RichaadEB. 

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