For best results, mix this album in with your existing Sabbath and Judas Priest vinyls, cover your eyes, and select an album at random for the full Brütal Legend Soundtrack experience.

If you don't have an existing collection of heavy metal vinyls, congratulations! You now have a new hobby. The world of vinyl is an exciting one, filled with adventure. You'll fit in just fine.

The Brütal Legend soundtrack consists of the full original score composed by Peter McConnell:

  1. The Chosen Roadie
  2. 11 O'Clock is a Direction
  3. Raptor's Veld
  4. Lamprey Attack
  5. Spirit of Bladehenge
  6. Ruins
  7. Time to Break the Chains
  8. The Big Kiss
  9. Blades of Serenity
  10. The Spider's Lair
  11. Thunderhorn
  12. Betrayed
  13. Sea of Black Tears
  14. A Creature Shall Rise
  15. Pile of Skulls
  16. Gather this Great Army
  17. Rescue from the Sea of Tears
  18. The Pleasure Tower
  19. The End?
  20. Girlfriend (Kabbage Boy)

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