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Blaster Master Zero Original Soundtrack


Product Description

Pick up the original soundtrack for Sunsoft and Inti Creates' tank-adventure reboot, Blaster Master Zero, now available on CD with classic 8-bit cover art.

Produced and supervised by Ippo Yamada, the soundtrack features 29 tracks. 

  1. Black Box
  2. Blaster Master Zero
  3. The Underground Adventure Begins
  4. Fire the Blaster Rifle
  5. Encounter
  6. Huge Mutants
  7. The Mutant's Lair
  8. Search the Ruined City
  9. HORA-2057: EVE
  10. Moebius Engine
  11. Next Level
  12. The Wretched Waterworks
  13. The Abyssal Seas
  14. Frigid Glacier
  15. Jason's Resolution
  16. Full Acceleration Blast
  17. Planet Eater
  18. The Grotesque Labyrinth
  19. Evil Unchained
  20. Multidimensional Overlord
  21. Emerging Victorious
  22. Eve's Deception
  23. Tears under the Night Sky
  24. Memories of the Metafight
  25. Shattered Bonds
  27. Smiles under the Blue Sky
  28. Expand the Arsenal!
  29. Power up, SOPHIA!