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ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission Vinyl Soundtrack

by Kenneth C M Young


Product Description

Take a little bit of a PlayStation VR classic with you into the real world—the ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission soundtrack is now available on vinyl! 

This 12-track collection by Kenneth C M Young is pressed on ASTRO White vinyl and wrapped up in art from Chris Clancy, with layout by Brian Carmody. 

Note: Some tracks on this soundtrack include an intentional vinyl crackling effect, which is part of the actual audio recording.

 Side A (18:14) Side B (17:34)
1. Tite Mites (Crystal Cave)
2. 12 Bar BOT (Funfair Remix)
3. Tan Tradicional
4. Bite It (Gorilla Boss)
5. Discotree
6. Follow Me (Into The Storm)
7. A Fire In Your Mind
8. Polyethylene Paradise
9. Come On Then (Alien Boss)
10. Let's Do This
11. ASTROnomical