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A new album of DELTARUNE covers from the creators of the Determination series. Finally, Amie Waters and Richaad EB have returned with twelve tracks, six power metal covers from Rich and six synth-heavy electronic tracks from Amie.

It's a double EP, it's a split album, it's the first chapter of something new.

  1. Beyond the Great Door (Field of Hopes and Dreams)
  2. Strictly Impersonal (Rude Buster) feat. Amie Waters
  3. Your Formermost Enemy (Lancer)
  4. CHALK. (Vs. Susie) feat. ToxicxEternity
  5. Cruelty in Spades (Chaos King) feat. FamilyJules
  6. That Which Will Not Be Contained (The World Revolving)
  7. Survey_Program.EXE (ANOTHER HIM)
  8. Anthocyanin (Scarlet Forest) feat. RichaadEB
  9. Seameless Seapkeeper (Lantern) feat. DK’s Musicbox
  10. The 53rd Card (Hip Shop) feat. Doug Perry
  11. A Human, A Monster, A Prince (The Legend) feat. Curious Quail
  12. Nocturne (Friendship/Don’t Forget) feat. Josiah Everhart

The Anointed Merit: Prelude CD comes packaged in a four-panel sleeve.

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