$25 - $50


Once a year, Double Fine drops everything and spends two weeks feverishly developing brand-new prototypes. These experiments have resulted in full games like Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, and Middle Manager of Justice.

Usually, this is a top-secret process. But in 2012, we blew the whole affair wide open. Our community voted on the ideas they wanted us to make, watched us develop them in real-time, and played them all when we were done.

And now you can get all five Amnesia Fortnight 2012 games, the bonus prototypes, and the daily 2 Player Productions documentary episodes in a ridiculously handsome Special Edition Boxed Set! The games are on a DVD and the documentary is on a separate high-definition Blu-ray disc.

When you place your order for the Special Edition box, you will also receive a Humble Bundle download code so you don't need to wait for the discs!

Special Edition box includes:

- Autonomous prototype
- Black Lake prototype
- Hack 'n' Slash prototype
- Spacebase DF-9 prototype
- The White Birch prototype
- 2 Player Productions daily HD documentary episodes on Blu-ray
- Soundtrack from all five AF2012 games
- Bonus prototypes: Brazen, Costume Quest, Happy Song

All games are Windows-only. (We love Mac and Linux too! But in a two-week development cycle we weren't able to support multiple platforms.)