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ASTRO's PLAYROOM Vinyl Soundtrack


Product Description

Astro's shown you all the features of your PS5—now he can be a tutorial for your turntable.

This 2LP ASTRO's PLAYROOM soundtrack includes 19 tracks curated by the composer, Kenneth C M Young, pressed on PS5 white vinyl and wrapped in art by Jordan Speer. Each copy also includes a PlayStation History Mural Art Booklet.

European customers: We're expecting limited quantities to be available at Black Screen Records and Chipfreq.

© 2022 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. ASTRO's PLAYROOM is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “PlayStation Family Mark” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Side A Side C
1. That's The Way To Do It 9. GPU Jungle (Powerup & Boss)
2. CPU Plaza 10. SSD Speedway (Powerup & Boss)
3. I'm Your GPU 11. CPU Plaza (After Dark)
4. SSD 12. They Don't Make'm Like They Used To
13. CRT-Rex
Side B Side D
5. Follow Me (Into The Storm) [Playroom Remix] 14. 4K-Rex
6. Botdi Beach 15. Let's Do This
7. Cooling Springs 16. Goal
8. PlayStation Labo & Gatcha 17. Uplifting Little Number
18. I Am Astro Bot [Playroom Remix]
19. Memories Of Play