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Hypnospace Outlaw Vinyl Soundtrack


Product Description

Merchantsoft proudly presents 25 tracks from Hypnospace Outlaw in a beautiful 2LP collection, pressed on clear vinyl and featuring art from Joe Aquiare.

Composed and produced by Jay Tholen. Some tracks composed and produced by Hot Dad (C1-C8), Dan Warren (D1), queenjazz (D2-D3), and Brian Carnrike (D4-D6).

  • A1 New Era
  • A2 Sleeptime Computing
  • A3 Chill it Right (Fre3zer)
  • A4 Icy Girl (Fre3zer)
  • A5 Colder Than the Rest (Fre3zer)
  • A6 Formations (Basidia)
  • B1 Ghost of the Grotto (Basidia)
  • B2 Soundscape II: Secret Forest
  • B3 Hypnospace 2.0
  • B4 Millennium Anthem [2000 New Year's Eve]
  • B5 Eulogy
  • C1 Kruncher [Intro] (The Chowder Man)
  • C2 The Chowder Man's Hotel Room (The Chowder Man)
  • C3 Granny Cream's Hot Butter Ice Cream (The Chowder Man)
  • C4 I Am the Chowder Man (The Chowder Man)
  • C5 SquisherZ (The Chowder Man)
  • C6 Chowder Man, Please Come Back Home (The Chowder Man)
  • C7 Gray's Peak (The Chowder Man)
  • C8 Ready to Shave (The Chowder Man)
  • D1 Satellite Orchestra (Barnaby's Chair)
  • D2 Nothing Left For Me (Seepage)
  • D3 Against the Wall (Seepage)
  • D4 Celestial Reflection (Zared)
  • D5 Agent of Peace (Zared)
  • D6 True Life Awakens (Zared)