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New Tunic Deluxe Edition available now at

TUNIC is now available to preorder at Fangamer, in a deluxe physical edition for Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4. Each one comes with a foldout map, two sticker sheets, a digital download of the soundtrack, and two sets of instructions—a spoiler-free mini-manual for anyone new to the game, and a (spoiler-filled) booklet replicating the in-game manual. (The PS4 version is packaged in a slipcover; the Switch version is packaged inside a larger tuck box that holds all the deluxe contents.).

We're also unveiling a larger, hardcover manual, which presents the in-game manual in a bigger format and comes packaged in a sturdy slipcase. It's ready to preorder, too!

Huggable Fox Plush available for sign ups at

The huggable fox plush just sold out, but more are on the way! You can still sign up to be notified as soon as they're back in stock by visiting the product page.

Little Nightmares plush available now at

Little Nightmares plushes are now available! Pick up Mono (featuring a removable paper bag) or Six for $24—and while you're in our official collection, check out the Signal Interruption and Nome pins or our Lost in Transmission shirt.

UNDERTALE Legends of Localization Books now shipping at

Legends of Localization is back! Volume 3 of Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin and company's series on videogame localization dives into UNDERTALE's Japanese translation, with total access to Toby Fox and the localization team. Each page is filled with historical context, surprising language contrasts, and tons of behind-the-scenes detail, allowing you to watch the localization as it takes shape.

The Passport to UNDERTALE is massively expanded from previous LOL passports, with 240 pages of tips and data to turn the game into a language-learning aid. You'll get a dictionary of important words and phrases from the game, lessons on how to read hiragana and katakana, 150 critical kanji and their meaning, and more.

Both books are available now! (And you can save $3 when you buy them together.)

Hollow Knight Resin Statues back in stock at

Hornet & Knight statues have returned to our Hollow Knight collection! Modeled in dynamic poses by Alex Colvin, these hand-painted resin statues measure 6.5 (Knight) and 9.6 (Hornet) inches tall. If you (like me) aren't usually a fan of giant bugs, these statues have the additional benefit of not showing up suddenly in your peripheral vision or moving around on your desk once you sit them down. They just stand there, looking handsome, right where you left them.

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New ENA merch coming soon at

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