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Our newest wave is a perfect fit whether you're making your way into or out of the Underworld! The Runaway keychain is full of charms that should make it easier to escape, and if you can't quite make it—well, Hypnos has become our eighth Hades character pin. We've also got the Nendoroid Zagreus in stock, making it easy to order alongside our collection of plushes, shirts, pins, and more.

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The latest UNDERTALE Nendoroid has been revealed! Toriel's interchangeable faceplates allow her to express a range of emotions, her removable butterscotch-cinnamon pie accessory allows her to entertain at informal Nendoroid get-togethers, and (most importantly) her hands allow her to hold hands with your The Human Nendoroid.

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Nendoroid Sans and Papyrus are shipping now, and Undyne is on the way! If you need some inspiration for how to pose yours, our photo team took the opportunity to put all the interchangeable accessories and facial expressions through their paces with some glamour shots.

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We're cutting our prices on three beautiful vinyl box sets from Wayô Records! While our stock lasts, you can save $10 when you pick up their multi-record soundtracks for three classic RPGs: Grandia, Ys: Origin, and Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

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