New AGDQ 2023 Merch available at

Introducing this year's all-new Awesome Games Done Quick charity merch! Add the latest finale pin, badge, or custom cartridge to your collection, or browse the new designs for our apparel, mugs, desk mat, and more. There's even a GDQ keycap! Buy anything in the collection during AGDQ 2023 and we'll donate the proceeds to the Prevent Cancer Foundation during the event. Learn more and watch the stream at January 8th to the 15th.

New PDF edition of Speedrun Science: A Long Guide to Short Playthroughs available at

We're excited to demonstrate a new WR for obtaining a copy of Speedrun Science: A Long Guide to Short Playthroughs—our new PDF edition is available as fast as your modem can download it. That should put your completion time well ahead of the previous record (that time I got up from my desk and walked over to the warehouse to grab one). Browse through the free preview PDF on the product page to learn more. (Prefer physical books? The hardcover edition is still available!)