UNDERTALE PS4 / PS Vita / PC Physical Editions


UNDERTALE is coming to PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® Vita Summer 2017!

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For the first time ever you can play UNDERTALE on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® Vita! Physical copies for PS4, PS Vita, and PC will be available for preorder soon, along with a special collector’s edition, exclusively on Fangamer.

The Collector’s edition includes:

  • The complete UNDERTALE soundtrack: Over 100 songs on 2 CDs
  • UNDERTALE sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by Toby Fox
  • A gold-plated music-box locket
  • A sturdy collector’s box
  • A physical copy of UNDERTALE for PS4, PS Vita, or PC

All physical editions include:

  • A 24-page storybooklet illustrated by Temmie Chang.

Music box locket concept by Seoyeon An. Sheet music arrangement and music administration by Materia Collective.