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Awesomeness Combo Pack

by Fangamer


Looking to become a perfect likeness? Look no further! This combo pack will save you a few bucks on the following items:


The EB fan's holy grail! Custom manufactured with ethically-sourced Turkish cotton, wool-dyed stripes, and a woven Franklin tag. Sizing details on the Shirtness product page.

PK Yomega

A Yomega Raider, custom-designed by Jon Kay! This legendary yo-yo is inexpensive and basic enough for novices, but well-designed and versatile enough to win championships.

Hometown Pin Set

A set of five pins designed by Jon Kay, inspired by our hero's hometown adventure. 


Like the shirt, Hatness has been designed to be stylish while remaining true to its inspiration, with a subtle, custom-embroidered logo!

Franklin Pin

Another product of Professor Franklin's forge, this lapel pin replica does not guarantee protection against lightning-based attacks, but it's certainly worth a try.


Now you can add Backpackness and save an extra $5! This durable canvas backpack is a perfect fit for cosplay or deep-cover cosplay, and comes in a bright yellow "Pregame" color or a more muted "Postgame" look.