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Legend of the Hero

by Kari Fry

$26.00 USD - $35.00 USD
Legend of the Hero Print Setと一緒に購入すると$$5安くなる!

"Legend tells of a collector of fine art who broke the sacred book free of its shrink wrapping..."

  • 224 full-color pages
  • 7"x10" - one of our biggest books to date
  • Detailed descriptions and custom illustrations of every facet of the universe: myths, races, items, weapons, relics, creatures, rulers, deities, guardians, maps...

The book is available in both hardback and paperback formats. The hardback version has the following unique features:

  • Foil-stamped faux leather cover
  • Dust jacket which doubles as a poster

This massive tome and print set are the result of a year of intense illustration, study, and writing by the brilliant Kari Fry. Proudly printed and bound in the USA. We 

We liked the art so much we had Kari put together a special run of metallic gold ink Legend of the Hero prints, which are available separately. While you're at, consider adding the Field Guide to Kanto, her original bestiary, to your Legend of the Hero order.