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Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Vinyl Soundtrack


Product Description

Now you can get the soundtrack to Yooka and Laylee's 2.5D adventure on fully three-dimensional vinyl!

The Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair vinyl soundtrack is a 30-track collection spread across two (Yooka and Laylee-colored) LPs, with songs from David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Matt Griffin, and Dan Murdoch. The finished product is wrapped up in beautiful illustrations by Renato Giacomini, with special sleeve and label art by Jon Kay.

Immediately after your purchase you'll also receive a free code for the Bandcamp digital download of the expanded soundtrack.

To our European customers: Black Screen Records and Chipfreq will also have a limited amount of copies for sale.

Side A Side C
1. Main Theme 16. The Overworld - Beach
2. The Overworld 17. Turbine Trouble
3. Capital Causeway 18. Turbine Trouble - Tidal
4. Factory Fright 19. Boom Boom Blast
5. Wild Web Woods 20. Hazard Hangar
6. Frantic Fountains 21. Scareship Scroll
7. Frantic Fountains - Frozen 22. Scareship Scroll - Docked (Airship)
8. Windmill Way 23. Buzzsaw Falls - Frozen
Side B Side D
9. The Overworld - Forest 24. The Overworld - The Final Zone
10. Factory Fright - Flooded 25. Pumping Plant Powered
11. Urban Uprise 26. The Impossible Lair 1
12. Conveyor Chaos - Crosswire 27. The Impossible Lair 2
13. Production Path - Panic 28. The Impossible Lair 3
14. Sawblade Evade 29. The Impossible Lair 4
15. The Overworld - Canyon 30. The Impossible Lair 5